- 2010 -
17 years old, spoiled, sheltered, and a little bit neurotic.  Ciara likes comfortable things--soft blankets, clean rooms, her awesome car.  She loves Lolita fashions from Japan, reading manga and fantasy novels, and wasting time online.  She is completely unprepared for anything in her life, especially Mordecai's arrival.

Ciara's mother.  An executive at an electronics conglomerate that manufactures a huge range of products, Elena somehow manages to be constantly busy and yet still never leave Ciara alone.  She worries about her daughter constantly, wants her to be home at specific times, and does not encourage extracurricular activities.  Though she gave her daughter a car for her last birthday, she emphasized that it was because Ciara riding the bus made her mother nervous.  Elena is maybe also a little neurotic.

Ciara's father.  Her parents divorced when she was twelve, and Ciara has had irregular contact with Jonathan ever since.  He's an artist who likes a free-wheeling life, so he tends to travel constantly--spending a few weeks in a commune, a month in a farming co-op, half a year at an artists' retreat.  The point is that the man rarely finds time--or inclination--to write.

A big name in the Lolita blogging world and Ciara's best friend.  Though the two girls have never met, they talk to each other almost every day via messenger services (text, IM, etc).  Tea runs an immensely popular fashion blog that features daily photos of herself in various expensive, exquisitely put-together outfits.  Her delicate, otherwordly appearance is off-set by her casually vulgar personality.

A demon of advanced-yet-indeterminate age.  Mordecai is friendly, inquisitive, and unfailingly polite--but his mannerisms have an affected quality to them, like a dog walking on hind legs.  There's a bestial undercurrent to everything he says and does, as though it's clear that his behavior is a performance for others' benefit, and that if left to his own devices, he would act quite differently.

- 1870 -
Ciara's ancestor, and the person who previously summoned Mordecai to the surface.  She locked him in a stone for reasons unknown.  Brigid was a serious, careful girl even before her mother was captured and killed by the Vox Dei.  After her mother's death, Brigid was forced to mature rapidly.  She summoned Mordecai to protect her as she fled from the organization, and they traveled and lived together for many years.

Brigid's mother.  She died in the Vox Dei's interrogation cells.  In life, she was well-known and liked among the people of the Boston town where she and her daughter resided.  She taught young children, baked cookies and pies for the congregation at church, and her home was always filled with fresh flowers and herbs.  She taught Brigid the elements of witchcraft in their basement, including the rituals of demon summoning.

The minister's son.  A quiet, well-mannered young man who once asked Brigid to their church's autumn dance.  He is a member of the Vox Dei, and seems to despise witchcraft with unusual passion.