Series I: Always Together

in dreams there is truth

n e m e s i s

Chapter I: The Darkness Nova
in which the new villains are introduced, and everyone else tries to figure out what the hell is going on
Chapter II: The Nature of the Moon 
in which kaitlyn makes a great deal of new enemies and a few new friends
Chapter III: Revelation, Part I
in which there is a lot of remembering
Chapter IV: Revelation Part II
in which there is yet more remembering
Chapter V: Earth Painting
in which we introduce the last new character and kaitlyn makes a confession
Chapter VI: The Curse of Forgiveness
in which there is way too much hand imagery
Chapter VII: Heart of Glass
in which relationships build and fracture
Chapter VIII: Missing Truth (NEW 07/26/04)
in which lysistrata tells a story, celina makes a decision, and kaitlyn angsts